|| Just a bit of Show ||


Title: Just a bit of Show
Rating: NC-17 - NSFW
Pairing: Valdangelo.
Summery: Leo decides to send Nico some sex toys that he wants to see him explore over Skype; smut.
Word count: 4,307
Notes: All characters are 18+; 

Hot Stuff calling.

Answer. Nico clicked the little green button in response on Skype.

"Heeeeey Nico, how’s it going?" Leo’s voice chimed through.

There was a pause of silence.

When Nico and Leo first started dating and got into this temporary ‘long distance’ relationship the lack of response in the beginning of their Skype calls meant that Nico hadn’t hooked up his microphone correctly, or that he didn’t have it on the right setting, Leo found out. Sometimes the boy still struggled a bit with technology. As Nico was a quick learner though, and then lack of response in the beginning of their calls was that of the boy having to fight a blush that was keeping him from speaking. Leo had found this out when Nico had unintentionally answered the call with video once. Usually it took Leo coaching him a bit to turn on camera.

Dating, relationships, love; it was still very new for the son of Hades, and he honestly didn’t expect himself to fall for Leo Valdez of all people. Why did it always turn out to be what you weren’t exactly looking for?

So there were more times than Nico would like to admit when he still struggled with not letting his embarrassment take him over. It was a rather annoying feeling, too, because Nico wanted nothing more than to express his love for his boyfriend. Today, however, Nico was sitting there frozen and flustered at the same time for a completely different reason. “Hey.” he finally replied quickly.

"Come on, don’t make me beg again! Turn on your cam, buddy."

"I … know why you’re calling."

"Hmm? I have to have a reason? You’re my boy, of course I would call you every day!"

"Uh …"

"Did you get my package?" Leo injected the question rapidly.

"See. Knew it."

"Come on, turn on cam, please?"

A heavy sigh, and then the video button was clicked. There Leo was treated to the sight of a coiled over Nico with cheeks redder than the deepest rose.

"Oh no! Please don’t tell me you used any of them yet! I wanted to see!" Leo gave a cheeky grin.

"What!? No! I wouldn’t—! I don’t even know what they exactly do—I mean, I’m not stupid, and I have pretty good guesses, but …."

"But you’ve never seen such things before, have you~?" Leo made a mockingly cute voice.

Nico clenched his jaw and glared—even through Internet video chatting, his glares could slice more painfully than any sword.

"Chill out, dude. You liked those Mythomagic toys right? So I decided to get you the—"

"It’s not funny!"

"Who is laughing?" Leo raised his hands in innocence.

"It’s a bad joke, and you didn’t even need to finish it. These are not anything like the Mythomagic figurines.

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Anonymous asked:

Heeeey, I really want to know your thoughts about Jasico. Anything you think about Jason and Nico, how you think their relationship would be, your headcanons, stuff like that, pleeease. Your fanfictions about them are just so great and I love your writing, you're an amazing person ok bye.

mintleaftea answered:

u opened this canoworms anon no takin it back

  • In canon!verse, it takes them YEARS to get together officially. Nico’s seventeen when they start dating and Nico still doesn’t like the “d” word.
  • Jason learns to listen for Nico’s footsteps and can hear him when he’s coming (finally)
  • Since Jason was the only one who knew Nico’s secret, Nico saw him as a threat for a very long time and felt like he couldn’t get close to Jason, because it would just hurt that much more when Jason eventually betrayed him.
  • Jason tried giving Nico space but refused to let him runaway.
  • It was actually Piper who got the two of them talking after the war. 
  • Piper broke up with Jason not only because she wasn’t in love with him anymore, but she didn’t want to come between him and Nico, who he obviously had fallen for.
  • In the end, though, Nico has to make the first move
  • And by the first move I mean a really dramatic, shouted, angry confession and then not talking to Jason for, like, a week, because Nico’s not really that good at dealing with his emotions
  • Reyna was the first person who knew Nico’s feelings had switched from Percy to Jason
  • Mostly because she found Nico close to tears and Reyna don’t have time for that “I’m fine, it doesn’t matter” crap that Nico does
  • Nico is disgustingly domestic and Jason finds it funny
  • But whenever he laughs at Nico for obsessively cleaning Nico smacks him with a broom
  • Nico is afraid of being “too couple-ey” and won’t let Jason buy him dinner or gifts and refuses any PDA
  • Jason buys him stuff anyway and plays it off 
  • But Nico is compelled to get him stuff back and so they both end up getting each other a bunch of stupid gifts in a never ending passive aggressive cycle of affection 
  • The first time Nico held Jason’s hand in public, Jason audibly gasped because he was so surprised and Nico let go immediately 
  • Jason still remembers it 
  • He doesn’t gasp when Nico grabs his hand anymore but he still grins like a moron
  • Nico calls Jason “Golden Boy” at first ironically but now it’s like a pet name
  • Although Nico hates any nickname Jason gives him. 
  • Mostly because he likes how his name sounds when Jason says it
  • But also because everything Jason thinks of is stupid
  • Hades was super pissed about Jason and Nico being together mostly because “My son deserves better than a spawn of Jupiter, ugh.”
  • But then Persephone in an entirely unexpected show of support reminded him Nico could be dating Percy Jackson and Hades hasn’t said anything about it since
  • Jupiter sent Ganymede to give Jason “the talk” 
  • Although Jason explained he really didn’t need it
  • he got it anyway
  • And learned all about safe, kinky sex
  • Which Nico was surprisingly into
  • The kinky sex I mean
  • Jason was the one who encouraged Nico to get his tattoo (two angel wings, one for his mother and one for Bianca) 
  • When Nico is feeling especially affectionate he’ll cook spaghetti and brownies for Jason
  • When Jason is feeling especially affectionate he’ll go to the local card shop and buy the rarest Mythomagic card he can afford
  • Nico pretends he doesn’t like mythomagic anymore but it doesn’t last long, especially after Jason gives him 1st edition holographic cards and limited release figurines
  • Jason surprised Nico on their two year anniversary with tickets to the national championship of Mythomagic is San Diego
  • The next year Nico competed and Jason rooted him on 
  • Their dates usually end in fighting monsters because two sons of major gods, what are you going to do about it?
  • But they have a lot of fun fighting together
  • Percy: *kicks down door*
  • Percy: di Angelo Annabeth just told me that you like her and-
  • Percy: what
  • Percy: the
  • Percy: fuck
  • Nico: .....it isn't what it looks like......
  • Percy: .....it looks like your riding Jason's dick
  • Jason: Hey bro
  • Nico: ....well its....um not that.
  • Percy: ....um....im just gonna go
  • Nico: ......
  • Jason: bye bro
  • Percy: *walks outside*
  • Percy: *screeches*
  • Campers: the fuck
  • Percy: OH MY GOD NICO'S HELLA GAY *screams and runs to cabin*
  • Chiron: what had nobody told him yet?
  • Campers: Um well you see
  • Chiron: I swear to the gods you little fucks cant do anything