If you find any mistakes please send me an ask and I’ll fix it immediately! This is my first time drawing a comic. Hope you like it.

Well this is what I spent almost a week on, nearly without breaks. The idea is that Hans killed Elsa near the end and Anna had to run away with Kristoff to save herself. Despite what Hans thought, killing Elsa wouldn’t remove the winter, and so he started looking for Anna when he saw she was gone. He didn’t expect Anna, who had been toughened by the merciless wilderness of Arendelle, to be ready for when he finally did find her.

Thanks to the brilliant Gingerhaole for feeding my brain with such a wonderful au idea, and actually bringing me to make this reality, and thanks to everyone who kept me company in my livestreams. You make my world go round, guys!



It’s everywhere you look. The pink and blue aisles at the toy store, the “Boys’ toys” and “girls’ toys” at McDonald’s. The look of disapproval your grandmother gives when she sees a little boy in a tutu, or a little girl playing with a toy truck. Harmful gender roles surround us, and sometimes we…

Just because I think of you when I hear the word love and just because when someone mentions dancing I only wanna dance with you And just because you know that i lie awake at four on the morning thinking about you does not mean that you own me.because all galaxies start with a star but soon that star is forgotten and someday I will forget you Because you are just a boy and I have galaxies growing inside me.
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